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Hem school principal
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Shri sant Goroba shikshan sanstha’s Hind English Medium School is established in 2012 and is headed by Dr. Preeti Manekar and supported eminent trustee for day to day and overall academic program.

Dr. Preeti has got a strong academician and an established adult trainer in the areas of personal intelligence & competency development. She is a trained assessor having had a wide experience of assessment centre & her clientele includes very senior professionals including CEO & Managing Directors.

She has been offering personality clinic services over the years that add to the quality & the gravity of individual performance.

She was involved in research & development for major Human creation technologies and played a key of role of being a research assistant to the author. The areas of research were;

She is a core consultant for the ambitious social HR project of Global Child HR foundation. The project seeks to drive people out of the complexes of non-formal education.

Her social perspective of collective human growth is based on the fact that the accumulation of knowledge is expensive, the application of knowledge also known as intelligence is very cheap. She is the prime messenger of the of the thought ‘To be educated is to be competent”.