About School

Shri Santa Garoba Shikshan Sanstha's Hind English Medium School is established to bring the Gyan-amrut which has traveled through ages, it is a place where the value or ethos of guru-shishya paramapara is followed in true sence.

Guru, although considered is a matter of an intrigue, a mystery, his power is widely avowed, hugely accepted & exceptionally respected. In the modern perspective the term Guru is seemingly replaced by a word ‘mentor.’

The expressions looks weak compared to the original expression Guru primarily because of two reasons; a mentor is also chasing the same thing as a mentee is & the mentor is most possibly a man with huge achievements chronicle that are mostly material. Thus mentor becomes person who would share his business secrets or professional secrets, whereas a guru is someone who has nothing to do with material achievements. Guru’s secrets are open vision of highly illuminated world.

One of the best approaches to reincorporating the guru-shishya parampara is to look at Guru as a power. The mentor is the one who is able to channelize this power. The question is where the power flows from? That brings us to an innate understanding of the system of ashrams & the entity called guru.

Guru is a wide bodied mechanism that can read, understand & appreciate the micro & macro in the same breath.

Hence the shishya constantly looks forward to higher challenges in order that his personal enlightenment or his personal empowerment is put to a better use. This also leads to the shishya creating a much larger perspective of the universe. Hence school has set up or an environment that creates a natural excitement about ideas, views & opinions inside-out.

Every fine perspective, every fine thought, every organized system has to be based on some sort of a token order whose stringency would keep changing from time to time. These are stated in form of principles. After much of research, opinion surveys & deliberation it is now possible to present these principles as panch-tatvas or the five basic features. These are;

Spirit of Self-learning
Learning is adding the wealth. Without the blessings of guru, a human being thinks of owning only the material wealth. That leads to insecurities & worries of all kinds. School environment creates a natural drive for learning because it creates an excitement that no other thing is capable of creating as the shishya seeks the highest quality possess.

Spirit of Self-sufficiency
Self is the complete fulfillment. The meditative power to build self & to unleash the power of self is so enormous that the realization of self to have to achieve to plan to imagine to discipline or to guide is discovered.

Spirituality is the guiding force of the universe. Whatever a human does within the scope of his personal wisdom has to have a compatibility with other events, other phenomena & other mechanisms that are simultaneous to a certain thought or a certain act on part of that human being. In the state of a perfect synchronization a human being develops an amazing capability to decode the situation, to create a right idea and to make the right decision all by him.

Self- is supreme conqueror. It is most composite & more balanced force that human being has within his domain of physical & mental possession. It would enlarge itself or make itself smaller primarily based on how one decides to value it.

Spirit of Self-empowerment
Power exists in the universe. It flows from all sides. But we do not have the mechanism to hold the power. Therefore in difficult situations human being feels hapless. But if the same power that is wasted otherwise is channelized through the self the degree of empowerment would be enormous. That person would now hold the capacity to control things as much as create things of much greater magnitude.